Samsung releases Exynos W920

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(PowerKorea) Samsung released Exynos W920, a brand name of application processor, modem and RF chip. It is the first wearable device processor applied with the latest EUV process, FO-PLP and SIP-ePOP, and it optimizes PMIC, LPDDR4X and eMMC memory for ultra small wearable devices. It boasts 20 percent  performance improvement and 10 times graphic power. It is loaded with Cortex A55’ CPU Core and Mali-G68 GPU Core, and the AOD mode minimizes the power consumption of the process to run the display. Exynos W920 is to come with the next model Galaxy Watch. Samsung Electronics system LSI division director Jangho Jo said “Smart watch is evolving from simple device to a health and fun driven wearable device and Exynos W920 will make LTE communications smooth and the display fast and vivid.” 

Samsung and the union reach collective agreement on 95 articles

Samsung Electronics and the union have reached on July 30 a collective agreement on 95 articles that include providing union offices and allowing paid union activities and promotion. The signing agreement held on August 12 was attended by the heads of the 4 unions of the company and the company’s officials in charge. The two parties announced a joint declaration for harmony between the management and the labor on the day. Samsung Electronics CEO Heonsuk Kim said “Today is a meaningful day and I expect both the management and the labor work together through cooperation and communication for better future.”

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