Violist Viola Lora delivers people a message of hope and endurance because You Are Special even in times of the pandemic

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▲ Violist Jeong Min-gyeong aka Viola Lora

(PowerKorea) Viola is a musical instrument somewhat overshared by its similar musical instrument violin which almost always plays the key role in the classical music. South Korean violist Jeong Min-gyeong, aka Viola Lora, started to attract attention by taking the center stage with viola solo as the key player of the music. In addition to classical music, she plays popular music such as jazz, pop and crossover in a way to better engage with the people and the audience. 

Viola Lora released the full-length studio album <Extra-Ordinary> last year. As the follow-up this year, she has released three singles under the project name ‘You Are Special’ in an effort to send people her message of hope and endurance.

She took part in the first project single <Fine With Me Not Having Anything>. The melody of her viola delivers the meaning “It’s OK. I don’t have anything but I’m special because I am who I am.” Based on bolero rhythm, guitarist Ahn Kang-ho, double bassist Lee Sang-jin and drummer Jo Gyu-won worked together. 

The second project single <Thunderstorm> is composed by herself. The song is passionate as she endeavored to express the thunderstorm-like appearance of COVID-19. She played the viola with burning passion with splendid and technical sound of the piano and drum and rich sound of the base alongside. You might feel a storm rages on in fast tempo and showy playing. Moon Hae-joo joined in arrangement and Gwon Oh-joon played the piano, Lee Sang-jin the double bass and Jo Gyu-won the drums.

The third project album is the same as the project title <You Are Special>. Viola Lora took in charge of composing, playing and producing. The song is like a flow of river without turmoil and climax based on summer-like bossa nova rhythm that embraces viola, guitar and accordion in an acoustic feel. Dave Yoo played the accordion and Park Yoon-woo the guitar to create a cam and peaceful harmony. 

The three project singles are intended to give her message of hope and endurance because You Are Special in this whole world no matter what happens. 

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