KOTRA and its union promote ethical management

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(PowerKorea) KOTRA and its union joined hands to promote ethical management. The agreement signed June 25 includes anti-corruption, anti-workplace bullying and fair and transparent administration. KOTRA CEO Yu Jeong-yeol said that the agreement was meaningful as they work together with the union to create a better workplace for both parties and for the South Korean companies to which it provides its services.

KOTRA promotes pharmaceuticals and bio industries

KOTRA and the Korea Pharmaceutical and Bio-Pharma Manufacturers Association joined hands to hold June 29 an online briefing session for pharmaceutical and bio industries’ measures to reshuffle of the Global Value Chain. The industries have experienced supply shortage of the goods due to the pandemic and the US and the EU are taking actions to build stability of supply by in-housing the manufacturing factories. The move is seen as the US and the EU intend to reduce the dependence of importing essential drugs from overseas but make them in their own judicial boundaries. The briefing session invited Boston University professor Lee Yu-taek and officials of IQVIA to give presentations on the current move. Also invited was Franck Toussaint, co-founder of the Bio Supply Management Alliance Europe. He predicted that the proactive measures of the governments would play an opportunity for Asian countries to rise in the field. The briefing session leads to a follow up session that will invite 40 pharmaceuticals and bio companies in the world. KOTRA innovation division head Kim Sang-mook said that this global move could be an opportunity for South Korean companies to make presence in the field and KOTRA would provide necessary support. 

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