Samsung accelerates Semiconductor Vision 2030 with 8 nano radio frequency

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(PowerKorea) 5G radio frequency (RF) chip supports multi-channel and antenna through 8 nano RF foundry and Samsung is to provide all-in-one chip solution of this RF chip to cover from 6GHz to mmWave. Samsung started 12 inch RF foundry in 2015 and mass produced 14 nano for the first time in the field in 2017 and recently expanded it to 8 nano RF foundry solutions. RF chip converts digital signals of modem to analogue and changes it into wireless frequency and sends back to modem chips. So far Samsung has released more than 5 billion RF chips since 2017 and the latest 8 nano RF foundry can reduce the RF chip areas 35% more than 14 nano with 35% increased power efficiency. Behind this cutting edge technology is the development of RFeFET™(RF extremeFET) and it will accelerate its Semiconductor Vision 2030.

Samsung and KEPCO join hands for home energy data solution

Samsung and Korea Electric Power Corporation join hands to develop home energy data solution announced June 28. The business agreement enables Samsung SmartThings Energy to use data provided by KEPCO that can reduce power consumption significantly. Applicable home appliances are air conditioner, air purifier, fridge, washing machine, drying machine, microwave, oven, robot cleaner, shoe dresser and air dresser. The system shows users data of energy consumption by time, day and month, energy bill and progress as well as the daily energy consumption of home appliances. The system also lets users remote control with smartphone. Samsung and KEPCO expect to see the launching of the services latter half of this year. You need to install KEPCO’s AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure) to use this services and register EN:TER number of KEPCO energy market place within the Samsung SmartThings Energy. 

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