KNJ BIO stands along winners of Best Brand

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KNJ BIO won the Best Brand from the Korea Herald and the Best Brand by Consumer Recommendation from the Chosun Ilbo for 2 years in a row.

KNJ BIO, also known as KIM NAM JOO BIO and formerly known as Panax BioScience, is a local provider of premium health supplements that incorporate both Asian herbs and modern Western medicine.

The firm was established in 1978 by Kim, Nam Joo, a certified Pharmacist in South Korea, a Ph.D and Certified Practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine in China and an Oriental Medicine Doctor in the US (NCCAOM).

Driven by ‘scientific oriental medicine’ philosophy, its fame is well known and spread for effective mix of natural medicinal herbs into health functional food.

Since the company was founded, KNJ BIO has endeavored to introduce novel health supplements by marrying natural substances from the West with traditional medicinal ingredients from the East, using only the ingredients that meet the strictest quality standards that Dr. Kim has set forth.

Using this approach, KNJ BIO says it has created trusted products that boost the immune system and enhance human body’s ability to restore its health.


The company’s main products include ZYME HYUL(formerly known as A-Zyme), TONG(formerly known as Panax Tong), CHUNG LACTO, WON SAM CHIL, and DAL, whose intended effects range from strengthening the liver and purifying the blood to improving circulation and bowel health. The products also enhance memory and alleviate menstrual pain and acne, according to the company.

The company said it will continue to develop health supplements for people from different age groups to offset the effects of aging, chemicals and pollution.

Backed by Dr. Kim’s 40 years of practice using both Asian herbs and Western medicine, KNJ BIO has accumulated a database of over 40,000 clients.

KNJ BIO strictly adheres to the standards and good manufacturing practices promulgated by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety.

The company obtained Certificate of Technical Achievement (organic medicinal herbs and health functional food manufacturing) from NICE D&B for three years since 2019, received The Best Taxpayer from the National Tax Service, and recognized for technical excellence and transparent business practices.

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