The yogurt and cheese handmade by a man of 20 years of expertise in the field: Yabes Farm CEO Jeon Kil-sik

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▲ Yabes Farm / CEO Jeon Kil-sik

(PowerKorea) Jeon Kil-sik, CEO of Yabes Farm, studied in Switzerland and the Netherlands for 5 years and has experience managing a farm for 20 years. 

Jabez cried out to the God of Israel, “Oh, that you would bless me and enlarge my territory! Let your hand be with me, and keep me from harm so that I will be free from pain.” And God granted his request.

As an ardent Christian, Jeon borrowed the name Jabez, with difference with Y and S, for his farm name. Yogurt and cheese made at Yabes are handmade and have no additives, colorings, flavors and antiseptic; but only the fresh milk he milked himself and salt. Visitors to the farm can see with their own eye how yogurt and cheese are made. 

Jeon is a man of strong mind. He had to endure many trials like South Korea financial crisis, milk shock and diseases on which he had to kill his beloved cows. All those times of trials, he never gave up his willpower and patiently carried on his ventures. Looking back, he says, his family has always been supportive no matter how discouraged he was and it made him rather stronger. 

He learned dairy processing technique at the Gyeongnam Agricultural Research Center in 2011 by waking up at 4am and coming back home at 9pm. With help of Dr. Jeong Yong-sam, he toured farms in Germany and started making his own yogurt and cheese when back his hometown. 

At Yabes Farm, handmade plain yogurt, blueberry yogurt, strawberry yogurt, Greek yogurt, string cheese and grilled cheese are made and supplied including resting areas of highways and NongHyup hanaro mart. Jeon says that there is no secret to make yogurt and cheese at Yabes Farm except using fresh ingredients and clean farm environment.

“As my business is nicely settled down, I’m now making donations to people in need time to time and it is one of my plans to create a vegetable garden near the farm for visitors from rehabilitation centers to plant their own crops such as potato and sweet potato in a way to healing their body and mind.”

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