'One-Pick Personal Training' that takes responsibility for the health of members through a systematic exercise program

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Recently, Tae-Hyun Kim, CEO of One Pick Personal Training, who launched a fitness center near Seolleung Station in Gangnam-gu, Seoul, had to face various twists and turns because he had to prepare the center in line with the Corona 19 period. However, it was a clear and important fact that the goal of ‘in the modern society, the importance of the movement will become more prominent’, which CEO Kim finally decided to open the center, was also an important nutrient for the whole people to overcome Corona 19. CEO Kim said, “I recommend that you be as careful as possible and start exercising little by little, starting with aerobic. If you exercise with One Pick Personal Training, you will soon become a habit of starting small, and the keyword “exercise” will come together in every part of your daily life. In this non-face-to-face era, we will focus on preparing as much as possible to maintain health.” 

Meanwhile, CEO Tae-Hyun Kim is the first person to challenge Nava Korea in 2020. As his first challenge was colorless, CEO Kim, who boasted the most optimal best condition and ended the contest in weight class 2, looked back at last year as "a year that was satisfied and memorable because I made a body without regrets." Regarding the motivation for starting his exercise, he said, “While preparing for a job, I accidentally started exercising at a gym near the school and fell in love with the full-scale “weight” movement. In his first year of exercise, when he was devoted to exercise for a long time, he was able to start studying in earnest, having fun even the pain he felt every moment.” 

CEO Kim's small beginning, who felt infinite charm like a relationship with the weight he encountered by chance, began with the basic life sports instructor certification, and came up with the international NASM CPT, CES personal training certification, and certification for the purpose of preventing sports damage and injury. . 

Meanwhile,'One Pick Personal Training', which opened in Seolleung, is currently operating as a VIP membership system for a 1:1 specialized PT shop. Is that. In addition, a system optimized to reach the desired exercise purpose by presenting exercise and diet guidelines appropriate to the member's lifestyle, eating and sleeping patterns. The instructors are attractive from athletes, and in terms of facilities, all the equipment is set up as a luxury foreign-made equipment, and at the same time, you can use a private shower booth and a healing space on the terrace, so you can have a simple tea time and meal after exercise. 

CEO Kim, who has set a new start in 2021 with one-pick personal training, plans to fill this year with off-season training to prepare for the 2022 tournament lineup. Kim Tae-hyun, who revealed that his personal goal is to acquire Nava Korea Pro Card and PCA Pro Card in 2022, is about to continue his infinite challenge to the final destination he can challenge as a player. CEO Kim said, “We plan to develop a center with a “home” atmosphere where members can exercise healthily as long as they can, and where they can visit comfortably and have a rest and exercise. “We are striving to be a one-pick personal training that provides good machines and rest spaces to our members.” 

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