“The essence of art is ‘Ullim’ itself… I want to experience more ‘Ullim’ in the future.”

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▲ Lee Sang-hyo Korean painting artist

In the past, many people used to say that in 60 years of life, the life after that was given as a bonus. But now it is different. 'Bekse Life' is no longer the future to come, but reality itself, and it is becoming more and more natural to prepare for the third act beyond the second act of life. That is why more and more people are trying to find the meaning of living in a longer life. In this era, how do we prepare for the first half and second half of our lives, and even more'overtime'? The clues were found in the talks of Korean painting artist Lee Ki-hyo Lee, who is active as the senior vice president of the Gangnam Art Association and the vice president of the World Artists Council. 

“The remaining goal is to have gone through all the post-war half of life and entered overtime, meet more diverse fields and people, and create the beauty of'Ullim' and'Love'.” 

Just as it is the beauty of nature to create numerous ensembles with various beings such as sunlight, wind, trees, stones, animals, etc., it is gain-hyo to pursue the beauty of the art of the past, the present, and the various fields of art. It is the extreme of art that the artist found in the'extended exhibition' of life. Therefore, Lee Leek-hyo expressed some doubts about the trend to achieve innovation and development by destroying the frame of the past, respecting the legacy of the past, and building on it the changes in the present, and that harmony will bring development. Spoke faith. Particularly, if you delve into the legacy of the past, such as the traditional Korean yard play, which can be called the cornerstone of modern popular art, and the expression method of traditional folk paintings that surprise contemporary art with a perspective that reverses the classic perspective, it is rather the most The seeds of modern development can be found. 

On the other hand, the concept of “love” could be discovered through works using Lee Lee's Lee Sang-hyo's cross. In fact, from December to March every year, this artist uses the cross as a principle, and the meaning of the cross is the love of mankind and the love of Jesus Christ, who was born in this world. Can be summarized. That love is not a love to enjoy and satisfy one's own joy simply by making love, but a love that gives all of himself to the extent that it is desperate even though it is cold, dark, and painful for the loved one. 

Artist Lee Ki-hyo began his work in Korean paintings after receiving the Gold Prize from the Andong Creative Mask Contest and his first private exhibition held in Dongsung-dong. This passion has been linked to active activities such as receiving the 2020 Gangnam Artist Award, the 2020 Korean Art Competition Excellence Award and Special Selection, the 2020 World Art Competition Excellence Award and Special Selection Award and 28 solo exhibitions. 

Lee Sang-hyo's ambition, who says that constantly working on art is his own goal, seems unpretentious at first glance, but in it, you can feel a deep insight into life and art. 

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