Saju can be learned in 10 minutes online in this time of social distancing

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▲ Sajuedu / CEO Song Jae-woo

Four pillars of destiny is an astrological concept on which a person's destiny or fate is decided or affected by one's birth year, month, day and hour. It was known to be originated from China and has been widely studied and practiced in neighboring Korea and Japan. Up until the breakout of COVID-19, people usually learned the theory offline. After the advent of the virus, more courses are opened online. 

Sajuedu is one of many saju (four pillars of destiny in Korean) schools in South Korea but it has built recognition with online-based courses designed for everybody to learn the theory anywhere anytime. Learners can choose in 6 levels from beginners and basics to applications of the basics, deepening, applications of the deepening, and practice. Each course is 10 minute long so that learners should not be bored or distracted.

Song Jae-woo, CEO of Sajuedu, majored in saju and obtained a master's degree. At the age of 29 he made his name known in the field and he now has had nearly 10 years of field experience. 

"What made me establish Sajuedu is because I have observed many people having difficulty in learning the jargons and a number of theories it involves. So I decided to make it simple and easy by extracting the very essence of the theory so that everybody can understand each concept within a 10 minute online lecture. Also Q&A is made in real time so that learners can fulfill their curiosity instantly" says Song.

"The ultimate goal to learn four pillars of destiny must be about 'how', 'until when' and 'what variables'. How means how to work it out. Until when means until when do I have to do it. What variables means what kind of unexpected events are waiting for me during the course. In other words, four pillars of destiny is a tool to help a person choose better options in the course of life. Four pillars of destiny is not about the results but about how to make 'progress' and towards where. In this respect, it is like planning one's life rather than receiving a comforting word or flattering from a fortuneteller to his bad luck or events."

In this time of uncertainty, many people, especially who have lost their jobs or closed the business due to the pandemic, are desperate to seek an advice and they must feel like grasping at straws. In fact, nobody knows what will happen even after 1 minute since we are not gods. But it might be helpful what this ancient theory has got to tell about the course of one's life and what should be better chosen. PowerKorea.

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