Kimchi artist Song Bo-yung carries on her love of kimchi onto canvas

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Artist Song Bo-yung is famous for his theme on kimchi, a staple in Korean cuisine. She happened to visit a kimchi museum one day and saw lactobacillus moving alive as bubble in red and blue. She was deeply drawn into the sensation that kimchi is not just a fermented cabbage we eat everyday but it is a living organism.

"It was like a moment I met with a warmth of mother universe. So I had to do something to express this strong feeling. And I thought drawing it onto canvas could be a good idea. It wasn't easy at first but I studied hard and spent many day and night researching everything about kimchi and lactobacillus" says Song.

Song was enchanted when she saw lactobacillus through a microscope. She felt that they looked like our eyes, nose and lip. The gathering and dispersing of lactobacillus also looked like people gathering and dispersing.

Song says that kimchi can be the leading actor while lactobacillus the supporting actor in her works. It is important for her to make them look like natural and harmonious as they can be a symbol of the elements of our inner side and outer side.

"People who have seen my works said that kimchi looks like representational painting and lactobacillus looks like non-representational. I think both are right. As an artist, it is such a great pleasure to be reviewed and to send my works to national art competitions because more people can see my works if selected."

Song's works have been selected 6 times for national art competitions: 2 times representational and 4 times non-representational. As for the year 2021, she has been scheduled to join the 2021 Daejeon Art Festival (March 18-26), the regular exhibition of the Presidential Commission on Women's Affairs Daejeon (June 22-27), and Song Bo Yung solo exhibition at Vision Gallery in Pyeongtaek in November. PowerKorea.

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