Seven Stop sliding doors perfectly cuts off draught, insects and dusts with proven high energy efficiency

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▲ Maxens / CEO Hwang Jun-yeon

Sliding doors and windows are most commonly found in many Korean houses. In fact, system windows and doors are better in sealing the room tight but they make room stuffy. This dose not mean, however, that the sliding is better than the system in all terms. The sliding also has two common drawbacks: the gap between the frame and the doors and the twist as time goes by. The gap especially is problematic as it invites insects and draught inside.

Introducing by South Korean windows and doors specialist Maxens, Seven Stop brought up with a solution for these two drawbacks. The module of Seven Stop blocks the gap between the frame and the doors perfectly and it passed a test on insulation and tightness with a first grade.

This patented Seven Stop slinging doors won the gold prize at the 2020 Korea International Women's Invention Exposition Awards for excellent energy efficiency. It is encouraging that the South Korean government has allocated 7.2 billion won (6.6. million USD) budget to energy efficient technology development and the highly energy efficient sliding doors like Seven Stop suits perfectly the government policy. If Seven Stop is approved for Energy Efficient Equipment by the Korean Energy Agency, the government provides support for installation. 

If a 100 square meter house changes all windows and doors, it costs around 8 million won (7,356 USD) to 12 million won. But using Seven Stop can save up to 10 times with government support. 

Seven Stop is innovative in blocking off draught, insects, dusts and prevents the twist of the frame thanks to special materials used. It is easy to install and lasts semi-permanent with prompt maintenance services from Maxens. 

"The installation services of Seven Stop is being provided at 50 offices nationwide. So you can call anywhere to experience a new level of highly energy efficient and insect/draught-free slinging doors" says Hwang Jun-yeon, CEO of Maxens. PowerKorea → powering Korean business to the world!

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