"Prosper like rising sun and fulfill as you thought and speak"

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▲ Artist Ji Sook-ja sends you New Year's wish

Like many people in the world, Koreans send New Year's card around the year end holidays. Many of the card covers are printed with traditional Korean paintings that have unique Korean beauty which I think is space. I call this space a noble silence in which we fall into thoughts to reach the truth of things and life.

Sehwa is the painting the kings of Joseon gave his chief ministers as well as the people on New Year's Day wishing a good luck and hoping to prevent diseases and disasters. Today, many people sends New Year's messages with wishes like fulfilling their dream or prosperous year or good luck and happiness.

It is a good way to appreciate paintings on Korean New Year's cards with reference of the Sehando, the most famous painting of Kim Jeong-hee of Joseon. The use of the brushwork seems to ask scholars to be honest poverty and greedless. For many of us, the painting seems humble and even nothing special but we will soon be resonated by its greatness in balance of the things that are scanty but beautifully and harmoniously. So look at Korean New Year's paintings with baring this in mind.


Now I send you all my New Year's wish: prosper like rising sun and fulfil as you thought and speak. Love your destiny and give it a hope then time will embrace its scent. Remember your happy childhood. I will also live 2021 with most beautiful moments in my life right beside me.

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