Win Networks supplies Chinese automated mask production machine FOCUS-DG to South Korea

기사승인 2021.01.21  15:00:12

▲ Win Networks / CEO Choi Ki-sung

Opened January 2020, Win Networks is a South Korean company specialized in LCD lamination, display, optical bonding and dental mask fabric. Turning its focus to mask production due to the pandemic, the company introduced FOCUS-DG, an automated mask production machine made by Chinese Jianodian. 

Choi Ki-sung, CEO of Win Networks, signed an exclusive contract with Jianodian to supply FOCUS-DG to South Korea. Janodian is a Chinese precision instrument company that has 30 years of expertise in the field and staff of Win Networks are in charge of maintenance services and training in South Korea.

This high efficient mask machine produces up to 250 dental masks per minute and 200 KF-94 masks with less than 3% error rate. FOCUS-DG passed a number of necessary production and sus-band tests carried out by numerous authentication institutions. 

"There are many companies in China which have advanced technique in their respective fields. And Jianodian is one of them in the field of automated mask production machines. It is our job at Win Networks to find them and let people know in South Korea and the world. This is the reason we also run our own Youtube channel to upload these advanced but less known machines. In fact, a considerable number of our clients make contacts to us after watching our Youtube channel. So we feel proud to make contributions to containing the virus and we will keep working hard to introduce more advanced machines" says Choi. 

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