Daon Plus brings natural Korean nut pine cone extract to our skin

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▲ Daon Plus / CEO Seo Hae-rim

We all might agree that soaps and skin products made of natural ingredients are better than the chemical contained. With increasing number of people suffering from various skin diseases such as atopy and psoriasis, more people tend to use natural soaps and skin products. 

Daon Plus is a South Korean company producing natural soaps made of Korean nut pine cone extract with no surfactants at all. Surfactants are used in soaps, shampoos, detergents and toothpaste. Despite they meet the guidelines of the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, some synthetic surfactants are reported to be harmful to our body when used for a long time.

Seo Hae-rim, CEO of Daon Plus obtained the patent No.10-2038650 for Korean nut pine cone extract soaps. They are 100% fermentation/ripen handmade soaps and are rich in vitamin B and unsaturated fatty acid which help the skin smooth. 

"Nut pine cone extract has anti-inflammation/bacterial and sterilization functions, and stimulates whitening and moisturizing of the skin" says Seo.

Because all the process is done by hands, it takes about a year to make Daon Plus soaps. 81 active ingredients including eggplant, deodeok root, garlic and raspberry are added to help release waste in the skin. Also contained are hyaluronic acid, peptide and collagen to enhance moisturizing.

"Daon Plus has pH7.1 alkalinity which is similar acidity in the blood. The nut pine cone extract and other 81 ingredients of Daon Plus helps the skin absorb the benefits into the body while releasing the waste."

CEO Seo suffered from cancer and feeling grasping at straws started to find ways to be healthy which eventually led to opening her own handmade soap business. She has appeared on a number of biz shows and won the silver prize at the Korea International Women's Invention Exposition and the grand prize at the 2020 Global Medical Aesthetic Exchange Association and another grand prize at the 2020 Korea Innovation Award. PowerKorea → powering Korean business to the world!

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