LAVE helps people live longer in the age of homo-hundred

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▲ Jokang Food / CEO Baek Seung-hwan

In the age of humans living 100 years, people's interest in health supplementary food is heating up the market. Researches on healthy food are pouring on the media every day and people are confused which one to buy or which one suits them better. 

In South Korea, probiotics products seem to lead the market at the moment. Probiotics are live bacteria and yeasts and known to be good especially for digestive system. They are also known to suppress proliferation of microorganism linked to cancer causing agent. Prevotella in intestine, for example, grows on tender cellulose and is called prebiotics which is beneficial to our body. 

Baek Seung-hwan, CEO of Jokang Food, a health supplementary food brand of Dulumi, has researched brown rice shells for 15 years and is received as a pioneer of probiotics research in South Korea. 

"I process this rough cellulose in plant body to make smooth (hemicellulose) so that the beneficial intestinal bacteria can decompose it easily. Brown rice shells are the richest in cellulose and they can turn into the best probiotics" explains Baek.

"In fact, probiotics are also rich in Kimchi we eat almost everyday. The point is to make the beneficial intestinal bacteria activate. In other words, taking probiotics can activate probiotics in the body and it helps strengthen immunity and prevent constipation and various adult diseases."

While South Korea is reported to have more than 2 million cancer patients, a paper on anticancer effect of brown rice shells published on an international nutritional journal Advances in Nutrition in 2012 is being resurfaced. The paper writes brown rice shells activate beneficial intestinal bacteria and can cut off progress of cancer cell or kill it. The paper also writes brown rice shells improve insomnia and diabetes. 

Baek's patented (No.101560264000) small molecule cellulose technique is the world's first, and steady intake of small molecule cellulose activates prevotella, according to him. People who has taken Jokang Food for a week were found in their feces prevotella which means the effect takes place after a week or 10 days, he adds.

Jokang Food's jokang means prebiotics in English. The flagship product LAVE 101 (D-FATPX LAVE) is made with 100% Korean brown rice shells grown in Cheorwon County. LAVE has 10 lines depending on ingredients it contains such as mushroom and bean curd. LAVE is sold at pharmacies and hospitals as well as online shopping malls including NAVER. 

LAVE currently is being sold in China at the moment and Baek is expecting to sell in the US market soon. PowerKorea → powering Korean business to the world!

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