EIDI significantly reduces exhaust of diesel cars without affecting performance

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▲ Sunggwang Smog / CEO Hong Geum-pyo

A report shows that the number of cars registered in South Korea has surpassed 24 million of which 9.8 million are diesel. Diesel automobile is one of the top contributors to fine dust and the governments in the world have already rolled up sleeves to toughen regulation. South Korea introduced DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) in an effort to tackle the issue and all diesel cars made since 2008 must install DPF.

However, diesel drivers are not happy as it decreases performance, increases fuel cost and is troublesome for regular cleaning. In fact, the installation fee is expensive and drivers must clean it once every 6 months. A report at the 2014 parliamentary inspection of the administration showed that DPF attached to 70,000 out of 92,000 diesel cars were useless due to lack of cleaning. 

Carefully observing the complaints rise, a South Korean company Sunggwang Smog introduced EIDI, a non-power and non-filter exhaust reducer. You do not need an electric device or chemical fuel to run EIDI but just attach it onto the muffler. Once installed, EIDI can be used semi-permanently. A test carried out by the Korea Transportation Safety Authority shows that EIDI increased performance while reducing emission. Thanks to this proven effectiveness and economy, says CEO Hong Geum-pyo, orders are being surged in at the moment.

The fact that EIDI works without chemical fuel is received as an innovative eco-friendly original technology. Testers were wowed by watching the clean water dripping from the muffler of a diesel car installed with EIDI. 

A test carried out by a professor team at Ajou University shows a significant reduction in emission of nitrogen oxide and carbon dioxide when installed EIDI. Also, Hong added, HC was reduced by 55%, CO by 97% and nitrooxidative by almost zero compared to non-EIDI installed diesel cars. 

Another interesting test carried out by the Korea Transportation Safety Authority shows that a diesel car disqualified at the overall performance test got qualified after installing EIDI and taking a re-test.

If installed in gasoline or gas powered, emphasizes Hong, drivers can see a significant difference in reduced emission of exhaust and of enhanced performance. 

"EIDI is mostly being ordered among truck and taxi drivers at the moment but I want to expand the application to cars in general as well as boats and ships" says Hong. PowerKorea : Powering Korean companies

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