COVID19-Guard detects and warns you if you are not wearing a mask

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▲ Secure World / CEO Seo Jong-seong

The outbreak of the novel corona virus has change the way people see masks. Wearing a mask is no longer an option but a must as it protects the wearers and others around them from the infection. 

South Korea is one of the few countries containing the virus in controllable level and you get a 100,000 won (92 USD) fine if you are not wearing a mask in public places and transportation.

Subway, for example, teams of security guards in two patrol to find and warn those who are not wearing a mask. But it is not easy that they find and warn every single one of them in the crowded places. So a South Korean AI solutions company Secure World brought up with a brilliant idea and made it into a gadget called COVID19-Guard. 

Using AI big data technologies, COVID19-Guard detects those who are not wearing a mask or not wearing properly and sends out a warning signal to the person and the people around him. 

"The abnormal behavior detection system receives image data from the Guard and takes necessary actions after analysis. We have extensive knowledge and experience in artificial neural network algorithm and its learning and prediction modeling which has made COVID19-Guard high effective" says Seo Jong-seong, CEO of Secure World. 

A single COVID19-Guard watches and detects up to 100 individuals at once. It is quite embarrassing to hear "Wear a mask please!" from the Guard where people are around and the Guard takes a photo and transmit it to the manager as a proof.

COVID19-Guard is easy to install in almost anywhere and it does not require a personnel beside as it works everything itself. You can add a number of options such as thermal sensor by order to made. If you prefer a rental, you can also do so. 

"COVID19-Guard is being installed among public institutions such as schools and community centers at the moment and we will expand the supply to banks, subway, airports and exhibition halls."

Secure World used to be an in-house venture of Solar Light Korea famous for two way solar energy system. While carrying on research on AI and big data in cooperation with academic institutions, the novel corona virus broke out and they turned the course to back up the government. 

"We will make most of our AI and big data capabilities to introduce new, better and beneficial solutions to the world." Power Korea : Powering Korean companies to the world. 

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