Dr. Yoon rising fast as star English school in midland Korea

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▲ Dr. Yoon Alliance Education / CEO Yoon Sung-hoon

Boasting 1,500 students as a single private educational institution, Dr. Yoon Alliance Education is widely known and received among ambitious young people and global-mined citizens in Daejeon and Sejong. 

Feeling the urge to equipe talented Koreans with English, the global business language, so that they can spread their dream and challenge to the world, Yoon Sung-hoon put up his name Dr. Yoon for his unrivalled TCM teaching method that will make their dream come true: it is Teaching, Coaching and Managing. 

Alongside the TCM, Dr. Yoon's customized whole langue system for ESL and EFL and level-by-level program are famous for their effect in listening, speaking, writing, reading, grammar and vocabulary. Each student in each grade is thoroughly taken care of everything from academic performance to building strategies for targeted schools and universities.

Yoon is a highly acclaimed English teacher and educator who sends 90 to 100 students to prestigious high schools and a considerable number of students to the top universities in South Korea every year. 

Yoon and his 130 willing and experienced staff in 9 affiliate brands motivate and encourage students with their spiritual driving force: Beyond Cheonan, Go Nationwide, Become Global Leaders. And their attention to detail one-on-one student care gives in-depth analysis in academic progress, pros and cons, improvements and above all mentorship for psychological support. 

Yoon and the specialist team catch fast the constantly changing requirement trend for entrance exams in South Korea and move fast to prepare students. As the captain of the boat, Yoon also takes care of all the documents that need to be presented outside and allocate each teacher to the field of their strength on a regular basis. 

It is notable that the friendly work environment between Yoon and his staff brought a citation to the school for excellent labor-management relations from the Ministry of Employment and Labor. 

"We have our pride as No.1 English school in the midland of Korea as well as responsibility to keep the vibe running and to push it further. We will engage more with students and their parents and work harder for introducing even better educational methods in the coming years" says Yoon. PowerKorea : Powering Korean companies to the world.

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