Hex-Ray collects and kills harmful germs and virus effectively, conveniently and installation-hassle freely

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▲ FHI Korea / CEO Shin Sang-yong

The World Health Organization announced that 60 million people had been infected by the novel corona virus since the first case was reported on December 31, 2019. While most parts of the world suffer from the pandemic, South Korea is one of the a few who proved its capability to deal with the globally spread virus. Experts point out the experience during the MERS made South Korea better prepare and apply to contain the virus to a minimum level possible.

A South Korean company FHI Korea was one of the few companies that saw the importance of preparation as well as prompt application and has pushed forward development of sterilizers that can be used in public buildings since the MERS. The company's UV-C 3 dimensional sterilizer Hex-Ray is the very result of this. 

Hex-Ray played a role in containing the virus in early stage of the novel corona virus and it is being used in large hospitals and national medical centers at the moment. This UV sterilizer kills germs and virus in the air and on the walls or surfaces of a building within 15 minutes. 

The high density 254~264nm wavelength UV lamp in Hex-Ray uses a patented technology (No.10-1895299) of FHI Korea and it amplifies the intensity of radiation by 3.4 times better than the similar lamps. The dosage level of Hex Ray in 1,200μW/cm2(1m distance) is 300 times stronger than the UV in the sun. Also, it radiates the UV to all spaces and areas in a room without the dead zone. In a test carried out by the KTR shows Hex-Ray killed 99.999% germs and virus in a 9.9 square meter room within 10 to 15 minutes. 

Hex-Ray destructs thymine, one of the four nucleobases in the nucleic acid of DNA, the other being adenine, guanine, and cytosine. In other words, Hex-Ray changes the DNA structure to inactivate or kill the virus and also cut off the attachment of the host. It also oxidizes the phosphatide and protein of the cell membrane to break the regeneration. Once installed, Hex-Ray works itself so it is cost-effective, easy maintenance and long lasting. 

For the safety of human body, Hex-Ray runs motion sensitive and remote control to avoid moving objects. It stops operation after 15 minutes which is the time to kill germs and virus and it automatically turns off during the operation when detected any movement. It can cover up to 330 square meter room and the wheels attached on the device make you move it easily. Because it uses UV, you do not need to worry about chemical smells or regular ventilation. 

A test shows that Hex-Ray kills bacteria, infectious virus, influenza virus, staphylococcus aureus, colon bacillus and salmonella in about 8 seconds. A test carried out at Yonsei University Wonju College of Medicine shows Hex-Ray also kills spore-forming bacteria. 

It is notable that many people catched the novel corona virus in  multi-use facilities, closed spaces and medical institutions. In other words, cutting off the virus effectively is the key to prevent infection and mass spread especially in a place where many people constantly come and go.

As a follow-up of Hex-Ray, FHI Korea is soon to release a droplet collector. It instantly combines electron with the virus and turn it into anion and collect it. The felt and the UV-C loaded are harmless to human body and it can be used in a closed space. FHI Korea has already obtained 5 patents for related technologies. 

The advent of COVID-19 might not be the end of the virus even if we succeeded containing. Virus, which is a living organism, evolves endlessly. In other words, we have to deal with it better for now and to prepare for possible outcomes of new kinds in the coming years.

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