Power Adhesive and Goodleup make our lives warm and convenient

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▲ TL Material / CEO Kim Gyeong-tae

TL Material is a company that develops functional materials based on nano technology. Its Power Adhesive wallpaper glue is receiving positive reviews for electromagnetic wave reduction and antibacterial functions. China's largest real estate developer Vanker praised it for not only about the functions but eco-friendliness. 

Power Adhesive contains Korean red clay known to emit far-infrared radiation, to stimulate physiologic action, to promote metabolism, and to delay aging. 

Goodlerest CEO Ji Dae-hwan developed Goodleup. It uses dry method instead of the existing mortar floor heating method. 10kg of natural raw red clay is applied to every 3.3 square meter patch and it helps increase immunity of the body while it heats up the floor rapidly and keeps the temperature longlasting and makes the room fresh. 

TL Material CEO Kim Gyeong-tae says "I think it is the best hot water panel on the market. It is economic, cost-effective and easy to manage. We applied it to a model house with our Chinese partner and it proved its excellence in performance and functions. Thanks to this, we are currently in talk with buyers from Japan, Germany and the US."

Goodleup is applied with various piping options and it solves the issue of one-sided heating when the boiler is on which many people experience especially in old houses. It is installed in all types of houses including modular houses and commercial buildings. Thanks to this excellence, it received the Commissioner of the Korean Intellectual Property Office prize at the 2018 Korea Intellectual Property Award. 

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