"Folk painting lets yourself lose worldly thoughts and desires"

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▲ Kim Yong Ki Folk Painting Academy / Director Kim Yong-ki

Folk painting covers all forms of visual art made in the context of folk culture. Lotus flowers probably were the most commonly used objects of folk painting as they meant fecundity, abundance and peace. Birds, peonies, carps and the ten symbols of longevity were also commonly appeared objects in folk painting. Birds symbolize happiness, peonies wealth, carps success and the ten symbols of longevity literally longevity. 

As time pass, methods and preference have also changed over time and the current trend tells us lighter use of colors such as pastel than strong primary colors. One of the good things about painting is that it lets ourselves lose worldly thoughts and desires, says Kim Yong-ki, Director of the Kim Yong Ki Folk Painting Academy.

Located on 242 Gonghang-daero, Gangseo District, Seoul, Kim Yong Ki Folk Painting Academy is a recommendable place to learn the art as it covers various genres from traditional to modern and creative in one day, weekday, weekend and evening time slots. Students at the academy range from 20s to 70s learning the art as hobby, healing or deepening the skills. 

A mother who comes with her daughter said that she often lost herself in the art and forgot how time pass which made her feel at peace. A mounter operator in Insa-dong said that he was impressed by Kim's works that were new everytime and felt stress-free whenever he focused on his works. 

Folk paintings big or small greet you entering the academy and snacks are ready for you to have during the break. Underground parking lot is spacious so you do not hassle finding a spot.

Kim started folk painting in 1977 and is a first generation member of the Korea Folk Painting Association. He has held or been invited to many exhibitions home and abroad including the US, Canada and Germany. The exhibition at the Galerie Metanoia Paris in 2014-2015 especially was memorable for him to spread beauty of Korean folk painting to Europeans. 

He is severing a number of important roles including a judge at various folk painting organizations and teaching students at Sookmyung Women's University Future Education Center and at Yangcheon Silver University. It is notable that students who learned under Kim's instructions have won numerous prizes at competitions. 

Recently, he has had an honour of listing his name in the 2020 Korea Culture Management Awards held by the Herald Group in recognition of his contribution to the field in the category of folk painting instruction.

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