Dandelion artist Seo Mi-jung sends hope and vitality for people far and wide on canvas

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▲ Artist Seo Mi-jung

The works of artist Seo Mi-jung is characterized by harmony between oriental esthetics and western colors and expressions. She uses Korean paper and applies various materials as a way to create uniqueness and depth. Taking environmental pollution seriously, she recently introduced ‘windy hill’ series filled with three dimensional effects. 

Dandelion, however, is her most frequently used theme. Dandelion for her is a symbol of hope and vitality as the seeds bud up first thing in the spring to travel far and wide. 

“It is amazing to watch dandelions dancing to the wind and spread its vitality to the world. I found it similar to the lives of ordinary people. As for the materials, I love to use clam shell powder and stone powder over and over.”

As a woman of good heart, she sold two of her works and donated the money to a boy from Kenya who visited South Korea to have surgery for scoliosis and humpback.

Seo gave a strong impression at an exhibition held in Schwalbach, Germany, in 2016 where 150 works of Korean artists were displayed. The city council chairman paid a visit to the exhibition and showed his praise and thanks to the artists. Her works of rose of Sharon and cornflower attracted a great attention for delivering a wish for unification of the two Koreas and for cultural exchanges between South Korea and Germany.

Also as a poet, she has been publishing a number of her poems and holding exhibitions themed on literary paintings. 

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