All-in-one solutions for solar energy development and maintenance

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▲ Keumho Techniques / CEO Im Chun-ki

The government’s recent announcement of Green New Deal Policy is a reflection of the global awareness on climate issues. South Korea in fact is the bottom of the OECD in terms of new renewable energy use which obviously is a shame. In accordance with the government’s awareness on this and introducing Green New Deal Policy, a South Korean renewable energy company Keumho Techniques is taking initiative with its all-in-one solutions for solar energy development and maintenance.
Established in 2015, Keumho Techniques has prioritized human and environment above anything else. Its all-in-one solutions cover from consulting and construction to maintenance and even partnership. 
Solar panels are installed on lands, buildings and rooftops and the electricity generated can be sold to KEPCO from which owners can have steady profits. The solar modules last up to 30 years and the business does not require high tech management but can be maintained at minimum cost. Below are the benefits offered from Keumho Techniques. 

“Solar power plants started based on FIT from 2008 in South Korea. As I had a master craftsman electricity certificate, I saw a vision in the field and prepared for the business for 10 years” said Keumho Techniques / CEO Im Chun-ki. 
Im listed the company in the Korea Energy Agency’s solar energy rental in 2016 and earned SOC-ICT excellent enterprise from Land, Infrastructure and Transport Ministry as well as a citation from Daegu mayor in 2019. This year, he listed Keumho Techniques in the Korean Energy Agency’s participatory and maintenance enterprise as well as in the Excellent Venture Enterprises. It is notable that the sales reached to 14 billion won as of 2019 as a result of these excellent achievements.
“The research team at Keumho Techniques has working hard day and night to bring better and more efficient solar energy development and equipment. Thanks to them, the company has obtained numerous patents alongside fast monitoring of the market trend.”
Serving as a director of the Korea Solar Energy Development Association, he also is taking numerous roles in similar organizations. As an expert of the industry, he points out the importance of government’s consistency in the policy and professionalism, adding that many small business owners are struggling over REC unit price drop and short term contracts. 
“Keumho Techniques has 6 patents and is working to obtain 3 more for improved construction methods on land and rooftop as well as grouting and rock anchor. In this time of economic uncertainty, it is very important for us to make bold investment in cutting edge production facilities and technology development.”
He emphasized “South Korea imports its 98% energies from overseas with still high usability of fossil fuels. It is urgent for us and also our offspring to increase new renewable energies and solar energy among them is highly eco-friendly. For this, Keumho Techniques will keep working hard to develop and supply better and more efficient solar energy to the people.”

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