YaGoMe artist Park Ju-hee delivers people solace and hope over desires and conflicts

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▲ YaGoMe Artist Park Ju-hee

“Most people live their lives unsatisfied. They arouse conflicts to fulfill their desires and pick choices. Artist Park Ju-hee also lived in a prison of her own conflicts and desires. But she created a character YaGoMe. Her works started from desires of people living at this time. YaGoMe started from repetition of conflicts and it has finally narrowed down to one direction in dreaming and resting.” by Hong Ki-in

YaGoMe has one head with two buns with an antenna each. It looks like innocent and mischievous. She borrowed the image from a lamb’s horn and a bear’s face. YaGoMe means “hey, let’s go with me.” YaGoMe is weak like a lamb but strong like a bear. YaGoMe is the avatar of the artist but she says it is the avatar of all of us. 

She sees people today like innocent lambs yet dull bears but they overcome their faults through many trials and errors to be strong. People live with burden on their shoulder and the burden came from their own choice. This might be the reason they want to take a break over a cup of coffee outdoor. She calls this retreat solace and hope which she expresses on the canvas.

The black and white on the canvas stimulates curiosity. YaGoMe is surrounded by balloons, forest, park and trails. Titles of her works hint these sentiments of her: Memory of Cheers, Under Green Sky, Forest and City, Sunflower in Rainy Day, Falling Leaves, Exuberant Leaved Trees in A Pot, A Cup of Coffee, Orange on A Bowl, Most Peaceful, Space, Until Flower Blooms, and A Glass of Moonlight.

Every choice she made during her busy and fatigued life symbolized in cylinders which then lead us to another desire. YaGoMe is satisfied when it gets its desire fulfilled but makes conflicts again with yet another desire. It goes on and on. Cylinders are doors for desires and we live in this circulation, she says.

Park majored in western painting and carried on her study to a graduate school. She has participated in numerous art fairs and exhibitions and sold a number of her works. October next month, she is displaying her works at Asia Hotel Art Fair, Insa-dong Seoul, followed by her first solo exhibition at Morris Gallery Daejeon late in the same month in which she is to display 30 of her large sized works.

“Daejeon Culture and Art Foundation sponsors my first solo exhibition and I would like to show my thanks to those who backed me with unsparing support and encouragement.”

▲ 날아볼까(Let_s fly)_Acrylic_45x53cm_2020

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