“We share and we help each other to make a better society”

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▲ Chamsarang Committee Gyeongnam / Chairman Park Hae-jun

Sharing what we have with others, no matter how little it is, is universally acknowledged virtue. It is especially virtuous in this time of rich gets richer and poor gets poor. Nevertheless, some people or groups have devoted to helping people in need no matter how well to do or not well to do they are. And Chamsarang Committee Gyeongnam is one of them.
Members of Chamsarang are somewhat different from ordinary people. They are released prisoners. You cannot necessarily pigeonhole things and say “Oh, they were criminals.” Unlucky event took place for them. We all make mistakes after all. Important thing is not to make the same mistake. 
Chamsarang – true love in Korean – is a crime prevention organization that offers shelters and support activities to released prisoners who have nowhere to go. Support activities include job training, job search and opening a business alongside psychotherapy and mentoring as well as marriage arrangement. 
“A man had to go to prison because he hadn’t had money for settlement. Many members of Chamsarang shared the similar case like this which enlightened me the saying ‘Hate the crime but not the person” says committee chairman Park Hae-jun.
The 37 members of Chamsarang pay a visit to families in need with gifts of rice, kimchi and fruit especially around Thanks Giving Day and New Year’s Day. 
“Obviously, crime is bad no matter what. What we often miss though is that many crimes happen because they have no power and no money even though they did not have any intention. In other words, it is too much to put the whole blame on them but we need to do something to make a fair and better system so that the same bad luck won’t happen again. We cannot live alone but in a society. So it is better we share and we help each other. This is the reason that organizations or groups like Chamsarang should be here.”


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