Motivation encourages students and flip-learning makes learning fun and effective

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▲ Gumi Cha Math Science Academy, Future Education Academy, Kitan Thinking Skills Class / Director Baek Ki-chul

Gumi Cha Math Science Academy and Future Education Academy are attracting attention from students and their parents for self-directed learning and systematized and multidirectional teaching programs with its onscreen math and science classes that make students better understanding the concepts and principles. 
Unlike many other academies where they focus on teaching itself, director Baek Ki-chul shares large part of effort in mentoring to motivate students. He motivates underperforming students with self-directed learning and willing students with promising learning directions.
“I reckon students today tend to learn things by themselves as online platforms such as Youtube, for example, are many. They don’t seem to like being instructed but intrigued by the way they like. Flip-learning, in this case, is a very good alternative: students learn online first and carry on what they learned in offline class through discussions and exchanges with teachers. This I think will encourage students to learn more” explains Baek.
Students question anytime anywhere online. Process of learning of each student is recorded automatically into a big data from which both students and teachers analyze their weakness and strength and bring up appropriate measures.
Alongside this excellent learning system, Baek runs a variety of field trips to historical, cultural and astronomical sites and universities. Seminars are also held regularly for parents to check the progress of their sons and daughters and to learn the trend of the education market.
Meanwhile, Kitan Thinking Skills Class for children offers props specifically designed on the concept of learning while playing. Literacy and numeracy ability grows fast in pace with temporal and parietal lobes development during the age 6 to 9, and they start checking on their progress by comparing with their friends. In other words, this period is crucial for children to make themselves motivated for learning as they will likely to fall behind otherwise.
“Children want to get recognition and to do better. But they easily get tired of learning in sitting for a long time. In other words, the learning should be fun like playing. This is the driving force of Kitan Thinking Skills Class.”
Baek added “Children are our future and students are our future too. I and my team are determined to make each one of them progress forward and achieve their dream and that’s why we are here to make it happen.” 

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