Like nature becomes alive when raining, Biteuldamda MJ has strong light energy

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Light is said to be absorbed best in water. 70% of human body is water. Imagine if a person drinks water contained light. The body absorbs both water and the light. It is not only an imagination but there is a person who actually uses water and light into making a drinking water. It is called ‘Biteuldamda MJ’ introduced by Gwaneum Meditation Center Biteuldamda MJ director Myeongjin.

Myeongjin has had mineral experiment tests for Biteuldamda MJ at numerous institutions and it has been resulted in strengthening bones and rich in nutrients. It also turned out to help release waste in the body and purify toxin.

“Biteuldamda MJ is a drinking water, living water and vital water and keeps our body healthy and sound” says Myeongjin. “Water is good to contain light. It absorbs and it helps cell recycling fast. The particles of water become fine when contained light. In other words, the light particles split water particles into small pieces and it is well absorbed into our whole body.”

Biteuldamda MJ contains ph8.5 natural alkali. Normal drinking water contains it around ph7.9 to 8.2. “I believe that Biteuldamda MJ can keep our body sound and can protect our body from diseases especially in this time of virus spread.”

According to Myeongjin, those who have drunk the water felt that their body became stronger the more they drank. Some gave testimony that the insect bite became healed fast when sprayed the water around the part. Myeongjin has practiced the light healing meditation for a long time. And Biteuldamda MJ is helping our body flow smoothly by using the benefits of light.

“We cannot hold light energy at hands and we cannot see it with our bare eyes. The light energy clearly embraces the outer space and it is a valuable power. My job is to gather that light and use it to heal people who have mental and physical pains.” Myeongjin added “Biteuldamda MJ can help improve skin troubles like atopy and insect bikes when sprayed in a bottle.”

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