Differentiation to shabu shabu is made by hands of master cooks Shabu 20 is a new shabu trendsetter

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Shabu shabu is a Japanese hotpot of thinly sliced meat boiled together with variety of vegetables. Some say it originated from Mongolia but we do not know whether it is true. Shabu shabu was introduced to Korea around 1950 and it has gone through a number of changes in styles and it now has settled as a Koreanized food. Shabu shabu is known to be rich in protein, vitamin and mineral. As it is a broth-based food most people enjoy it in winter. 

Light and clear broth gives it uniqueness

A dine out franchise Shabu 20 makes it different from its rivals with majority of its regular dinners. Fresh vegetables and meat are the very basic obviously. But the light and clear broth gives it uniqueness. Vegetables are also provided unlimited. Dinners can pick up a choice of meat, and rice paper with a variety of sources is offered for them to wrap it up with vegetables like Vietnamese paper rolls. Also offered is sweet and sour chicken balls. For those who are sensitive about the broth, 5 kinds of meat stocks are ready to go. Since shabu shabu is mostly enjoyed by groupies, the tables are designed and laid out accordingly. 

Winwin policy

Shabu 20 won the 2020 KCA Awards in the franchise category. The awards were hosted by the Korea Consumer Association, managed by the Korea Customer Appraisal and sponsored by the Korea Industry Support Center. Taking the momentum of the winning, the company is pushing forward expansion of branches nationwide. Shabu 20 welcomes ambitious business partners and the head office is ready to provide unsparing assistance and help to potential partners for location, operation and management under its winwin policy. 


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