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Q. What is teeth and gum disease and how can we prevent it?

A. It is a disease occurs around teeth and gums. At the initial stage, it starts around a tooth from saliva mixed with food and drink and it develops into inflammation and then moves onto plaque being gotten deeper. A regular scaling can prevent this but piled up plaque among old people are often affected badly. When it gets bad, you can remove the affected gum tissue or make the surface of the root of the tooth even. Teeth and gum disease can be genetic. As a dentist, I have seen more people suffering from the disease genetically. Nevertheless, you are recommended to pay a regular visit to the dentist whether genetic or not. It is also important to brush your teeth right.

Q. You are famous for 3D digital treatment and navigation implant?

A. I majored in surgery so I wanted to make my specialty in impacted third molar. 3D digital treatment and navigation implant are good for those who take a lot medicines or who have health issues on whole body. Also effective are those who get freaked out about surgery as incision is not involved.

Q. Do you remember particular patients?

A. An old man with open teeth said he didn’t know at all that it can be made right and he now has better look and better diet. A young man said he was reborn as a new person after implanting. Before then, he carried false teeth. It is also memorable that a patient in Russia sent his thanks message again and again after my free treatment in Russia.

Q. Is implant recommendable?

A. The products are upgraded and diversified in South Korea. But I personally don’t recommend. It is convenient for sure. However, it is wrong to think that it will last forever as it can also cause teeth and gum disease so it must be checked on regular basis. I think implant should be the last option so I recommend you to try available treatments first before move onto to it. To be honest, I feel it is dentist’s job to treat the natural teeth rather than implant false teeth unto gums like a mechanic.

Q. How can people better plan their treatment?

A. Cost and time probably comes first. So I recommend you to only have what must be needed. In other words, I recommend you to avoid those who force you to do various unnecessary treatments alongside. It not only costs you more but also may cause unexpected problems.


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