L.C.F Korea successfully holds 2019 F/W New Hair Trend Collection at Salon de Marshall

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L.C.F Korea successfully held the 2019 F/W New Hair Trend Collection at Salon de Marshall on the first day of October. A French hair specialist Marion DAUCH shined the day with his trendy hair style presentation. DAUCH won the gold medal at the French MAF 2009in the regional category, the gold medal at the Toulouse Beauty Contest 2010, the bronze medal at the French Skills Olympics 2012, and the first prize at the French Skills Olympics regional contest.

DAUCH said “It is an honor to be invited by L.C.F Korea and to give a trendy hair style presentation. Although I had to do it in limited time, I prepared what I have to give for the simplest term possible. I hope Korean hair designers will make most of my presentation in their field.”

L.C.F (Label Coiffure Francaise) is an international organization headquartered in Paris. Its goal is to promote new techniques for the members alongside exchanges activities. Since the establishment in 2000, around 300 members have proactively engaged in the events held by L.C.F and all members automatically become members of the La Federation Nationale De La Coiffure Francaise and receive a wide range of benefits.

Salon de Marshall, where the 2019 F/W New Hair Trend Collection was held, is a gallery type hair academy that fosters talented industry specialists through comprehensive technique-based curriculum. It is notable that Daekyeung University Beauty Art School is running a Salon de Marshall major so that students can learn up to date cutting edge hair treatment techniques. Naturally, the officials and students of the university joined the collection.

"It is important for hair designers to read trend and to challenge for sonething new or unique styles. Technique in fact should be the foundation but the foundation without the challenging spirit often resulted cliché. So create your own style that cannot be imitated by others. For this reason, the collection is held twice a year in spring and fall. I hope you all make a success in the field” said L.C.F Chairwoman Jongsoon Ha.

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