BS Teach takes part in turning South Korea as eco-friendly powerhouse

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▲ BS Tech / CEOs Hankil Choi and Yujin Sohn

Climate change has turned people’s attention to new renewable energy. The South Korea government announced to increase the generation of new renewable energy to 20% by 2030. Solar power plants in particular are rising as most promising eco-friendly future energy. The volume of investment in the field is increasing year by year and so is the number of developers. Among the competitors in eco-friendly energy industry, BS Tech has secured its presence as a solar power plant specialist highly credited for energy storage system. 

The government brought up a plan to increase the scale of new renewable energy to 10.5% from the current 7% by 2022, and to 20% by 2030 with focus on solar energy. The energy storage system market is predicted to be 440 billion won (368 million dollars) by 2020, a 10% yearly growth. South Korea is ranked No.2 after the US in number of the energy storage system projects which marked 58 of 291MW. From 2017, all public buildings must install energy storage system as forced by the law. 

The RPS project is government guaranteed electricity buying system. The profit is calculated by combining the SMP and the REC. For this reason, solar energy plant business is received as ‘sunshine pension’ for retirees. And BS Tech helps them to build their own solar plant. 

“Solar energy is not affected by the fast changing situation of the oil market. It is semi-permanent and the electricity generated is 100% bought by 18 public organizations including the Korea District Heating Corporation, the Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Co, POSCO Energy and many more.”

A solar energy plant can run more than 25 years and it is very important for this reason to build the plant by professional builders who have years of experience in the field. Otherwise, it might cost you a lot on the repair and maintenance. 

BS Tech is one of the highly sought-after specialists in the field and its technology and transparency has been well recognized by many. The company has specialists in each reflective field such as engineering, foundation and electricity and CEO Choi himself controls all construction sites. 

Apart from professional construction of solar energy plant, BS Tech provides 5 years of free repair and maintenance which CEO Choi himself is the main agent to settle down the issue. 

“Many complaints rather come from residents. So it is important to communicate and negotiate with residents in the affected region and we offer repair services for their houses and communal facilities.”

For those who get headache on documentation, BS Tech offers attention to detail yet the easiest possible service to their clients especially for elderly retirees. 

Apart from solar energy plant, BS Tech is pushing forward its R&D in fuel cell. “I expect that there will be a big scale government support for fuel cell industry as it uses hydrogen to generate energy and the water produced during the generation can be used for heating. It is cost-effective as well as eco-friendly.”

If Choi is mostly in charge of the field work, his partner CEO wife Yujin Sohn takes care of accounting and marketing. This couple’s passion in new renewable energy is the very driving force of BS Tech. 

When asked about future plan, the couple said that they would grow BS Tech as a global eco-friendly energy specialist. 


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