40 years of single path as a chef brings mastery touch to sushi

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▲ Shin Chef God of Cooking / CEO Gwangsu Shin

Sushi was first introduced to South Korea in the 80s. It is a Japanese dish made with vinegared rice in rectangular shape topped with a variety of fish and seafood as well as egg. Although it is a single kind of dish, who makes it makes the taste different. For this reason, dinners tend to ask around for the best sushi restaurant. 

Sushi restaurant Shin Chef God of Cooking is one of the best restaurants in Uijeongbu City despite its 10 square meter size. Shin jumped into cooking in his early 20s and mastered Japanese, Korean, Chinese and western for the last 40 years. He lived in LA Korea Town, Japan Town and down town and Hollywood for 10 years and opened Shin Chef God of Cooking when back in Korea. 

Its unique fusion sushi and California roll are attracting all age groups and all walks of life to the restaurant. Among around 37 choices of the menu, assorted, shrimp, deluxe, salmon, eel, beef, abalone and avocado are highly sought after. It is a good idea to order tonkatsu, udon, cold noodle, raw fish rice and raw fish soup to add extra pleasure.

Shin wakes up at 5 am every day and heads to an agricultural and marine products market to pick the freshest ingredients possible on the day. This is one of the reasons that the restaurant has become a must visit place in Uijeongbu City. Another distributing factor is the relatively good price compared to its quality. 

“I’m determined to grow the business with willing partners so that more people can enjoy the unique sushi and rolls made at Shin Chef God of Cooking. Also, I’m ambitious to export our sushi to Japan where it all started. Thinking of it makes me really exciting if only I can make it happen” said Shin. 

Feel like a wow sushi today? Go and indulge yourself!


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