Passion and action in advancing national health system and politics is still ongoing

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▲ Former Lawmaker Jeongrim Moon

Former lawmaker Jeongrim Moon has valued highly of every opportunity that was given to her no matter how trivial it looked since she was young. She was a girl who loved reading <Narcissus and Goldmund> of Hermann Hesse and grew her dream of becoming a woman with courage. 

This little girl later became a doctor and a lawmaker who promoted the priceless values of ‘all living things and human rights’ over social status or political stance. She was often called as ‘the queen of debate’ and famous for her belief that ‘good laws make a good world’. She also achieved the title of passing the highest numbers of bills during her term as a 19th National Assembly member.

Also at the Legislative Activity Evaluation taken place in 2016, she was ranked No.3 among lawmakers including constituencies and proportional representations. Despite these splendid achievements, however, she lost the general election for the next 4 years term.

Not discouraged, she has been actively engaging in advancing health care systems in cooperation with lawmakers with medical background. She served as the co-president of the Unification Medical Forum and of the Korea Tuberculosis Elimination Federation as well as a board member of the Inter-Korea Foundation for Health and Medical Education. 

“As a 19th National Assembly member, I had prepared for medical cooperation for the coming age of unification. The north and south medical cooperation plan was one of the areas of the 19th National Assembly that attracted most attention.”

The reason she turned her career from the doctor to a politician was that she experienced the need for improvement of existing medical policies and systems in South Korea and of bringing more effective and efficient plans and implementations. 

“Advanced policies for disabled especially were the area where improvement should be needed the most. I thought it would make their life better and more convenient by realizing my idea.”

As a renowned rehabilitation doctor and professor, she made her voice heard when served as the spokeswoman of the Korea Medical Association and a policy board member of the Korean Academy of Medical Sciences. 

As a strong hearted and courageous lawmaker, she willingly took charge in the special committees organized to tackle MERSC and to improve health insurance policy and system. 

<PowerKorea> hopes that her passion and belief in knowledge, love and courage will keep contributing to making a better health system and politics in South Korea.

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