Nature-fresh healthy functional food is made for you by Sancheong Jiri Mountain Medicinal Herb Farming Cooperative

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▲ Sancheong Jiri Mountain Medicinal Herb Farming Cooperative / President Youngsik Gwon

About 1,000 kinds of medicinal herbs are reported to be living in Jiri Mountain. Sancheong County located at the foot of the mountain is famous for making a variety of healthy functional food by using these wild herbs. Among many makers, Sancheong Jiri Mountain Medicinal Herb Farming Cooperative is specialized in turmeric, gastrodia elata, oriental raisin tree and snail based healthy functional food. 

More and more people are looking for a healthy way of life. Alternative medicines are taking over the western medicine one by one and people started to see the importance of natural healing. Knowing this trend very well, Youngsik Gwon, the president of the cooperative, built all-in-one production and distribution system for fresh and natural herbal based healthy function food. 

“All herbs used here are from Sancheong County and the making process is hygienically managed no matter how much time and effort it takes. The black bamboo snail extract in particular is good for skin health and arthritis and is one of the bestsellers” says Gwon.

The black bamboo used for snail extract is known to remove inflammation and has 50 times more vitamin C than cabbages. Also, the cooperative’s fermented sweet wormwood extract gold is a hot seller as it is good for diabetes, asthma and dysentery. 

Curcumin in turmeric, on the other hand, is known to be good for anti-cancer, liver detox, diabetes, high blood pressure, anti-aging, arteriosclerosis and anti-active oxygen. 

All of these healthy products go through Gwon’s innovative fermentation and ripening method which last more than 10 hours in natural way so that the nutrients are not destroyed at all. 

“The right amount of each ingredient is crucial alongside right temperature and above all the natural way of making. So I make every single product with utmost attention to detail like they will be eaten by my own family.”

In terms of price, consumers can get any of the cooperative’s products at an absolutely affordable price. Gwon says that no matter how good the product is, it is just useless if majority of people cannot afford because being healthy is not an exclusive property to some but to all.

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