Crystal Reform 3•3•3 corrects your body with innovative functional underwear

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▲ Crystal Reform 3·3·3 / CEO Jihye Lee

One of a kind functional underwear in the world
Standing and seating correct and erect for us is closely related to the health of our body. Correct posture activates functions of internal organs, prevents diseases and improves fatigue which otherwise be problematic with spine diseases such as disc. For many, however, it is not easy to correct once settled posture.

Crystal Reform 3•3•3 is a company that obtained a patent for functional underwear that helps to correct spine and pelvis. It is the first case in South Korea. But it sells not only the functional underwear products but also beauty and health functional products. 

With confidence in obtaining the Korea’s first patent in the field, CEO Jihye Lee of Crystal Reform 3•3•3 is pushing forward opening stores nationwide including shop in shop and training specialists in the field. Some of the renowned brands it sells include Dr. Corset, Mr. Poly, Miss Poly and 88 Corset. 

Dr. Corset in particular plays the frame for spine and pelvis without pressing the core muscles of abdomen for the free of movement. It obtained a patent for spine functional underwear in July 2014 and a patent for pelvis functional underwear in January 2016. 

Crystal Reform 3•3•3 loaded posture correction function in the high intensity compression wear so the people can carry on daily movement with exercise effect on their choice of either the compression wear line or the color therapy line. 

The muscle and skeleton analysis device in the store analyzes the body shape and type and suggests ideal products and exercise programs. Crystal Reform 3•3•3 wellness exercise programs promote a change through its 3 day, 3 weeks and 3 months programs and bring a sound and healthy body shape. Also offered is anti-aging and metabolism activation healing wave and low temperature detox room that helps circulation of blood and activation of metabolism. 

2019 Dr. Corset OUR NEXT FUTURE
Crystal Reform 3•3•3 successfully held the 2019 Dr. Corset OUR NEXT FUTURE on 28th August at Dynasty Hall Seoul Shilla Hotel to mark the 2nd anniversary of establishing Crystal Reform 3•3•3. 

“We suggest people to correct their body with our innovative and patented functional underwear. The 2019 Dr. Corset OUR NEXT FUTURE included the 24 Diet Challenge Award and the New Product Launch & Brand Runway of Doodream Creative (CEO Taeho Um)” said Lee. 

Attended on the day and giving congratulatory speeches were the Korea Racing Authority CEO Myeonggwan Hyun and the tax accountant Seoksung chairman Yonggeun Jo. 

“I give my whole hearted congratulations and encouragement to CEO Lee and those who spread these excellent functional underwear products for beautiful body” said Hyun.

“Despite this economic slowdown, the passionate staff of Crystal Reform 3•3•3 and CEO Lee have broken through to create innovative business and products so I must give my thumps up to them” said Jo.

Crystal Reform 3•3•3 has three core missions: love, win-win and sharing. The company donates 1% of sales to local communities and the world where help is much needed.

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