Moon pays a visit to Muan County

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As part of the Moon Administration’s itinerant economic tour project, President Moon paid a visit to Muan County in South Jeolla Province as the 10th tour on July 12th. He was briefed by South Jeolla Provincial governor Kim Yung-rok about the province’s new strategy ‘Blue Economy’ alongside its 5 projects on energy, tourism, bio, drone and e-mobility and health. 

Moon said “People of South Jeolla Province have strong spirit and have fought against injustice through the history. I expect Blue Economy will be a blue chip to activate both regional and national economy and it will create a new, challenging and fair province for the next one thousand years.” 

Moon then visited Bitgaram Observatory to observe Naju Innovative City where 16 public institutions are relocated. The governor said that 32,000 people were living in the city and reported his plan to grow the region of about 10km vicinity as a global energy hub. 

As the last itinerary, Moon attended a dinner with 50 local economic leaders and exchanged opinions on energy, environment and health industries in the region. 

Moon appoints new head prosecutor 

President Moon appointed Yoon Seok-ryul as the new Attorney General on July 15th. Moon said after the award ceremony, “People’s demand for change of the prosecution is big. In other words, people have high expectations of the Attorney General Yoon. People want a fundamental change of the prosecution and they think ‘self-reform’ is not enough and expect the launch of a new body to exclusively investigate high public officials as well as the adjustment of investigation right with the police. So I ask to take these changes as the missions of our time.” 

“I ask Yoon to do your job without being influenced by any power groups and without self-conscious, but only carrying out your job fair and just.”

Yoon answered “I feel heavy responsibilities on my shoulder. I believe the power of the prosecution also comes from the people so I listen to the people, think for the people and act for the people based on the constitutional principles.” 

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