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Strong insistence of Skincare Brand, Dio Derma

Yong Soo-hyeon, CEO of Skincare Brand Dio Derma, stated that in order to survive as a long-lived brand, one has to focus on the essence and quality of skincare product, rather than marketing and product sales. Dio Derma, aiming for a beauty brand with strong internal stability, has added ‘diversity’ to its product line-ups with the same reason.

Heal up the fatigue of everyday-life with face pack of Azulene line!

As Summer is on its way, Dio Derma recommends the face pack of Azulene line (Dio Derma Azulene Maximum Calming Cream Mask). Azulene face pack from Dio Derma is different from normal essence-type face pack in that it is creamy-type. Dio Derma Azulene Maximum Calming Cream Mask shows great synergy effect to calm the skin with the combination of Cynanchum Atratum Extract and Azulene, which are well-known for their calming effect. Plus, it is even more reliable in that it also includes various ingredients with an antibacterial, calming effect, and moisturizing effect.

(Korean Patent 10-1768870, 10-0910747)

Focusing on Calming & Moisturizing Care, Azulene satisfying both visual and effect.

The Azulene line of Dio Derma consists of toner, ample, essence, gel-cream, face pack, and cleansing foam which will be on the market soon. Every product is focused on ‘calming & moisturizing care’. Especially, the color of the products is noticeable. This is because more the content of Azulene (Sodium Guiazulene Sulfonate), the natural ingredient, stronger the color of the product will be in its own blue and purple color. This will never color your skin, since it is natural ingredient. Throughout the skin irritation test that has been carried out for 2 times, by Dio Derma, they were judged to be ‘no irritation’.


With the extension of product line, they will enter the stable growth stage.

As K-beauty is gaining more popularity than ever, a lot of domestic skincare products are working on to move overseas. We asked Yong Soo-hyeon, the CEO, about the thoughts on the trend and the future plan of entering the foreign market. The CEO said, “Dio Derma will find its way to help spread the idea of K-beauty across Southeast Asia, China, North America, and Europe with the network system it already has.” Meanwhile, Dio Derma has announced that the Azulene line foam cleanser will be on the market in the second half of the year.

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