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▲ Jang Bok-soon

Let us live life like poetry. Dream comes true. Always love and be loved, aspire and be thrilled, create something from nothing, and this is what I, the poet Jang Bok-soon aka black pearl, do. A dreaming girl in a mountainous village made her wish to be a poet come true and published <Longing for 0516> and <Master Lecturer 25 Hours (co-written)>. I bear what W. Bolton said in mind “If you have never been called crazy in your lifetime, you have never tried something risking your own life.” I learn hard, challenge hard and give it out what I learned to others. I’ve faced many trials and errors and I’ve suffered from pain of separation. But I was never despaired and tried hard to live on with unstoppable energy and zeal. – Poet’s note -.

Her poems deliver daily sentiments in plain language with simple message. If poetry is a difficult genre to understand for many people, Jang breaks this prejudice with easy and clear deliverance of language. 

Jang was born in a mountainous village in Gwangyang City. She grew up picking marsh snails, treasure hunting and playing a game of marbles with her friends. “I’m the middle of 6 siblings and was amiable and had full of charms. I wanted to be a poet so I read two books a day and I still love reading. But I thought ‘thrill’ of writing is what has driven me as a poet up to now. It was interesting that my childhood friends nicknamed me ‘black pearl’ though I had white skin but I like the contrary.”

It was when Jang was serving as the head of the Parent-Teacher Organization of Hyochon Elementary School that she had an opportunity to debut as a poet: the principle Do Ki-hong aka Songwoon noticed her talent and encouraged her to join a competition and she made it in 2007 through Engagement Literature. She now is a member of the Korean Writers Association and has secured her position in the poet’s circle. 

Jang is flowing with emotion and takes everything with keen eye and heart and deliver what she feels onto the paper with absolute honesty. <Longing for 0516> and <Master Lecturer 25 Hours, 2017> are good examples of this. She used as natural a language as possible to express her feelings on nature and humanity as shown in her representative series works ‘Longing’ and ‘Waiting’; the poems accompany the photos of inspiration she took. 

She wrote in the prologue “I once took an old lady who asked me where Seoul Station was to the station instead of giving her a direction. I just wanted to be a poet as a person with warm heart like I did.” 

Jang’s literary talent as well as humanity, however, is not the only ones to shine her but she has a number of socially beneficial certificates: Grade 1 Laughter Healer, Grade 2 Social Worker of Konyang University, and Grade 1 Personality Instructor and Grade 1 Master Lecturer of Korea University; she is working as a motivation professor at Success Academy and a full time professor of the International Services Association. 

“Being a poet is advantageous when it comes to lecturing since I can deliver more stories by making most of my poetic sentiments.” 

Jang has held or engaged in poetry exhibitions 5 times. She drew a great attention at the 2 days 3 nights Toechon Tomato Festival held last June. In 2017, she won popularity prize and beautiful mind prize at the MIZSILVERKOREA. 

Jang respects Seo Pil-hwan and Han Gwang-il the most. The former is a professor and No.21 Korea master lecturer and the latter is the president of the Korea Lecturer Bank and of the International Laughter Healing Association. 

To make her lecture more fun and exciting, Jang currently is learning saxophone, drums and accordion. As for the future plan, she wishes to be listed in the New Intellectuals in the year 2019 and wants to be a person she stated on her poem ‘I Want to Be A Person Like This’: Green as evergreens, abundant heart like morning dew and grass and wild flower, treasured heart on treasure island, and more fragrant than flowers. 

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