Hyunjin Steel wins 2018 Korea Culture Management Awards

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▲ CEO Hong Jong-guk

Hyunjin Steel is a company specialized in stainless materials, oil pressure and pressure process and internal modules for household appliances. Since establishment in 2003, the company obtained ISO9001 and ISO4001 in 2008 and opened the second factory in 2015. Hyunjin Steel has been decorated with the 2017 Frontier Star Enterprise, IBK Family Enterprise, Ustem Airtight Container HIT500, 2018 Innovative Technology SME and Venture Enterprise and 2018 Korea Culture Management Awards for excellence. 

30 years of expertise
Hyunjin Steel boasts 30 years of expertise in stainless materials. Its innovative solution system give perfection to all producing processes from plastic working to treatment. Especially, the company applies ‘dip drawing’ instead of welding to improve durability and stability and the sizes of the products also cover from Φ30 to Φ500. 

“We are proud to say that we carry out 80% of the process in-house when others is about 50%. This is possible thanks to our 30 years of knowledge and knowhow in the field. As a result, we have better price competitiveness, faster supply and more effective care services. To give a little bit more detail, the in-house process effectively and systematically covers from drawing to CS press/AR and Spot Welding/ASS’Y processes” says CEO Hong.

Non-welding Tank ASS’Y
The core tech of Hyunjin Steel is ‘Non-welding Tank ASS’Y’. If the existing Stainless Tank + Tank/ Tank + Cover caused hot cracks and solidification cracks, the Hyunjin Steel’s Non-welding Tank ASS’Y applies Seaming method and Curling + Compression method without the heat to solve the crack issues and corrosion. 

This innovation brought the company to the 2018 KOTRA Trade Mission’s list as well as the G Fair Korea at which the product received a great attention from buyers home and abroad. 

“We will keep doing our best to provide the very best products in the field. It is our goal to grow the company globally over Korea and we are determined to make it happen” says Hong.

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