Momsalim Movement promotes healthy body and mind

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▲ Permanent Direction Committee Member Chul Kim

The Citizens Movement for Momsalim set sail in 2008 to spread the value of the Momsalim Movement. The movement is built on simple principle: erecting the body straight with the chest wide open to be healthy. For this the organization runs training programs, publishes a periodical and holds workshop on regular basis. 

Chul Kim, the permanent direction committee member of the Citizens Movement for Momsalim, spent 4 years with monk Muae after discharged from the military service. He went to the US thereafter and came back in 1997 to launch the Momsalim Movement; the organization was officially approved in 2008.

The movement is designed to strengthen spine, pelvis and high joints. “The twist of high joints is painful at first but the body cuts the pain off when time goes by. If this stage continuous, the back and waist are highly likely to bend and one of the shoulders get lower than the other” explains Kim. 

To prevent this, the movement encourages you to keep 20 to 30 minute simple movement daily to keep the balance of the body. The basic movement is this: get a mat – fold it – put it in your armpit and lie down – put your arms between your waist and the mat to meet the hands – stretch your legs and keep the pose for 10 to 20 mins – close your legs and stick your soles – roll your body to upside down – up your butt and stand up like you are stretching out your arms; it gives your body ‘S line’ by correcting the twisted pelvis and back. 

Apart from training the normal people, the organization runs courses for instructors nationwide. It is notable that the movement once cured a patient suffered from rheumatism 4 years ago. The movement was approved by the Singaporean government and the organization opened a branch in the country February last year with the head director Yoon Jung-wook. 

Kim says “Living healthy not only saves a lot of medical bills but also happiness and a quality of life. The Citizens Movement for Momsalim will keep doing its best to make contributions to raising healthy body and mind of the people in Korea and the world.”

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