Spark International wins minister’s prize

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Spark International won a minister’s prize (Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy) of the Innovation Winner 2018 held at the Press Center Seoullast November in the category of technology innovation. Spark International Chairman Lee Yeon-hee took the issues of battery discharge seriously and launched a research for solution.

Fuel saving black box YSP Series

A car is consisted of around 90 to 130 electronic ECU computer control sensor devices and DC motors to operate and run. Each sensor and motor must be supplied with rated voltage of DC12V to realize 100% performance. Lack of this rated voltage reduces the performance of a car significantly.

The Spark International’s fuel saving black box YSPSeries boosts up ignition and it boasts the topnotch technique in the field. The YSPSeries (YSP1000, 2000, 3000 and 2 to 4 channel for trucks)is loaded with collision prevention, lane departure warning and front car departure alarm. The YSPSeries is conveniently sold at TV home shopping channels at the moment. Chairman Lee said that he would use the winning the minister’s prize as a momentum to spur up development of batteries for trucks, electric vehicles and hybrid and pioneering overseas market.

The YSPSeries reduces noises of the engine and increases comfortableness of the driver. It is not discharged even after 3 to 7 days parking and the drivers do not need to turn the black box off, according to those who installed it. It also reduced exhaust by 50 to 60% and extends the lifespan of the battery by double. If installed on used cars, it can save the fuel cost up to 30% with minimum 10%.

Power Saver

The Spark International’s Power Saver created a sensation in the year 2018. It helps the battery last by double the time and save the fuel up to 30%. Many of those who used it said that it made the start smoother and brightened up the headlight and saved the fuel cost around 60,000 to 90,000 won per month. Thanks to its efficiency, about 200,000 units have been sold so far.

Spark International has signed contracts for 50,000 units with companies in New Zealand, Australia and India while 2,000 units of YSPSeries and 1,000 units of Power Saver are being exported to Japan at the moment. 

“We are planning to release YSP Fuel Reduction Air Purifier within the first half of the year 2019. The model will be loaded with added functions to purify the air and smell in the car such as fine dust and cigarette smell. In a long term perspective, we will also be working on batteries for hydrogen and electrical vehicles” says Lee.

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