Cypress furniture is healthier and eco-friendly

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▲ CEO Ki Won-gan

Pyeonbaekchon is a cypress furniture specialist making beds, desks, wardrobes, pillows, air fresheners, oils and hinoki baths by using cypress. The products are supplied online or through its 4 chain stores in Gyeonggi Province on one-stop-distribution system. 

Pyeonbaekchon was first opened in Maseok Furniture Mall in Namyangju. It differentiated its brand value with eco-friendly cypress and attractive design concepts. The cypress used at Pyeonbaekchon is grown and processed in Japan and they are graded with first degree. Customers can visit the factory and the stores to see the design and feel the touch and they can also order the designs they want for customized production. 

“We run our business with two divisions for effectively management and services: online and offline. All production and supplying procedures from receiving an order to making and delivery are systematically managed” says CEO Ki.

The shop visitors might be surprised at the variety kinds of furniture made with cypress: beds, sofas, closets, desks, chairs, drop boxes, block sets, playthings and many more. Some people are visiting in search of eco-friendly products that can reduce the symptoms of skin troubles such as stopy and rash or of respiratory disease such as asthma.

In recognition of its contribution to the industry, Pyeonbaekchon received the 2016 National Quality Satisfaction Index and the 2017 Customer Surprise Excellence Brand. 

“Cypress is known to be good for antibacterial, insect-proof, deodorization and air purification. Pyeonbaekchon will keep its excellence so that more people can benefit from these eco-friendly furniture and products.”

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