Yoga as the best gift we can give to our body

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▲ CEO Jordha

The word yoga came from the word yuj meaning ‘to combine’. Like its name suggests, yoga is consisted of meditation, breathing and stretching. There are several kinds of yoga such as Bhakti, Jnana, Karma, Tantra, Hata, Raja, Kundalini and Mantra according to its purpose. Raja that focuses on mind training and Hata that focuses on physical health among these are two most popular yogas. 

Jordha Yoga is relaxingly located near Hamdok beach, Jeju Island. CEO Jordha is a 10 year long pupil of Han Ju-hoon who became famous for teaching yoga to Lee Hyo-ri. After 6 years of intensive training, Jordha opened his own yoga center February last year.

Jordha is an athlete and ran a martial art studio for 10 years and went to India in his middle 30s to teach martial art. His teacher Han gave the name Jordha meaning ‘enlightened free soul’. Yoga changed his life and Jordha decided to devote rest of his life to spreading Hata Yoga on giving up material greed.

Jordha Yoga is ideally located for yogis to enjoy yoga alongside the sea, the beach and the fresh air. The yoga classes are taken place at the dawn, morning and evening every day and the yoga class for novice in particular is designed for beginners. It is also notable that Jordha Yoga is more eco-friendly than other yoga centers in cities since the energy of the earth flows more naturally in clean and clear environment. Also, the teacher Jordha enjoys sharing tea with yogis time to time.

It is his will to establish Sivananda Yoga Center. “The breathing and health rules of this systematic yoga can be a good alternative for busy modern people who are constantly suffering from overwork and stress. I also want to open a yoga center in Chiang Mai, Thailand since Korean winter is too harsh to practice yoga outdoor.”

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