Moon meets Putin, signs 19 MOUs

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- Moon and Kim attend state banquet, visit Cathedral of Christ the Saviour


Moon meets Putin
President Moon and the Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin had a summit on June 22 in Moscow, Russia. The two leaders held twice of the meeting and an additional expended meeting which drew a joint statement containing 32 articles. They agreed to push forward the FTA for service and investment in speed and to bring up ‘9 Bridge Implementation Plans’ for investment in gas, railway, harbor, electricity, the North Pole Route, ship building, agriculture, marine products and jobs. They also agreed to cooperate for researches and exchanges to build the Trans-Siberian Railway and the Trans-Korea Railway. The joint statement praised the dynamic cooperation in politics, economy, science, technology and culture between the two countries and declared the friendly and future-oriented partnership for greater development potential. The statement also includes regular high official meetings to mark the 30th anniversary of the diplomatic ties in 2020 and to declare the year as the year of Korea-Russia exchange. The two leaders recognized the mediation role of the Korea-Russia Joint Commission on Economic, Scientific and Technological Cooperation and decided to implement the agreements of the 17th committee meeting held on June 7 this year in Seoul. They showed confidence in following the standards of the WTO, the openness, fair trade and mutual respect to each other’s culture and the people. Also notable is cooperation for high tech, aerospace and South-North-Russia joint projects. Moon and Putin shared the same determination to closely work together for a success of the international industrial trade fair ‘INNOPROM’ held this year in Yekaterinburg, Russia which is expected to propel the trade, industry and investment cooperation between the two countries.

Moon and Kim attend state banquet
President Moon and the First Lady Kim attended the state banquet hosted by the Mr. Putin on June 22 at the Kremlin. 50 high officials and business representatives as well as the Russian-South Korean short track speed skater Viktor Ahn. Moon in his reception speech wished closer ties between the people of both countries by pointing out the long time friendly relations started from the latter era of the Joseon Dynasty. After the banquet, Mr. Putin suggested to Moon and Kim of touring the Kremlin which was accepted with much gratitude and they were guided by a Kremlin cultural heritage commentator for 15 minutes. There appeared to be three chairs and the commentator explained “one is for the King and the other for the Queen”. He asked Moon “who could be the owner of the remained chair?” Moon answered “the People” and the commentator said “It is the Mother of the King.” Pointing the First Lady Kim, Moon said “mother is the best!” showing his thumps-up. After the tour, Mr. Putin gifted Moon and Kim with a book of the Hermitage Museum, one of the three museums of the world alongside the British Museum and the Louvre. Handing over the book, Mr. Putin said “Read this book as a reference for your next visit to Russia.” Moon said in response “I’d rather you visit Korea as early as your time allows. I’m sure the Korean people would be most pleased by it.”

Moon and Kim visit Cathedral of Christ the Saviour
Next day on 23 after the banquet, Moon and Kim paid a visit to Cathedral of Christ the Saviour built in the time of the House of Romanov to celebrate the victory against Napoleon Bonaparte in 1812. It took 23 years to complete (1883) and it bosted 103 meters in height and 9,000㎡ in width, still the tallest building in Moscow. 20 tons of the best quality gold was used for the surface of the cathedral but it was demolished during the time of the Russian Revolution in 1931. The current building is a rebuilding ordered by the Former Russian President Boris Yeltsin. Moon talked with the archbishop of the cathedral Ryazantse Mikhail on exchanges of religious organizations between the two countries by pointing out the Korean Temple Food-Russian Orthodox Church Food Exchange Day held this May in Lotte Hotel, Moscow. Moon and Kim closed the visit, and the official itinerant, by having lunch at U Pirosmani, the convent Georgian restaurant in Moscow. 

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