Lifelong contribution to balanced regional development of Korea and to researches in risk and uncertainty in economics

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▲ Professor of Economics in Chonnam National University, Kim, Iltae

Contribution to balanced regional development
The Korean Constitution chapter 9, article 123 states ‘balanced and efficient development of the land’. Accordingly, and dutifully, the government started various state-run balanced developments from the 80s. The Roh Moo-hyun Administration made it a major government task during his term 2003~2008 and laid a foundation for innovative city plans. It is a pledge of new President Moon who stipulated the plan in his bill for constitutional amendment. Professor of Economics in Chonnam National University,   Kim says “Centralized development causes regional disparities associated with public finance, debts, jobs and education at the local level. It turns younger generations away from the local which then can be resulted in the regional economy being deteriorating. It is a vicious cycle.” Professor Kim has devoted his life to researches on decentralization of power and local finance and regional economy, and has contributed to the development of local economy and society by drawing substantial cooperation between the firms and local governments. In recognition of his contribution, Kim had an honor to receive the presidential prize at the 2013 Government Awards for Job Creation Contribution. Professor Kim has been playing his roles as consultant director to create 68,890 jobs and 30% (18,095) of total jobs as full-time position in Jeollanam-do Province between 2010 and 2012. Professor Kim pointed out “It has been many years that the government tried to narrow down economic gaps between the capital metropolitan and local provinces. It has been beyond capacity to create jobs at the local level.” He has been serving as a member of the Central Urban Planning Committee of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport since 2015 and made a contribution to creating the Gwangju Energy Valley Industrial Complex on which he was credited for receiving a citation. 

Honored for Marquis Who’s Who in the World
As a scholar, Professor Kim has published many papers on economics of risk and uncertainty in international and domestic academic journals including SSCI (Social Science Citation Index) and a number of books on regional economy. By his academic achievements, he was honored to be listed in the 25th Silver Anniversary Edition of Marquis Who’s Who in the World 2008 followed by receiving the 2017-2018 Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award from the same organization. Professor Kim was also chosen as one of influential economists by the The Dong-a Ilbo in September 2013, and his paper <The Effect of Uncertainty on the Voluntary private Provision of Impure Public Good> was chosen for the ‘Outstanding Performances of Humanities and Society Study Promotion for 10 Years’ by the National Research Foundation in 2012. “I will keep carrying on my passion in brining balanced regional developments and make more academic contributions regionally, nationally, and globally.” 

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