Detox your body with the technology-driven health functional food of MPWIZ

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▲ Yoo Jung-mok, Chairman of MPWIZ

The 1st KAIST technology company MPWIZ, Inc. is specialized in health functional food made through its excellent fermentation technique. Some of the hot sellers of MPWIZ are 4MP Plus, Isomi Gold, MSM Power, Dream Fiber and Power Slim Plus. The company launched a health beauty shop ‘MEE HUE’ and is expanding the business scope to cosmetics branded ‘MEEM Radiance Energy Enzyme Power’ and ‘eostar’. MPWIZ suggests effective detox methods for you: 1) intake enough antioxidant and anti-inflammatory nutrients 2) intake saccharic protein that can prevent the loss of collagen but improve liver functions 3) have detox as a way to reduce body fat. Sounds not sure? Then, you are recommended to try the innovative ‘Dream Detox’ introduced by MPWIZ. “Dream Detox is a program designed to balance the body by removing the waste in your body through fasting. Compared to other long-term programs, Dream Detox raises significantly the probability of success.” Dream Detox become more effective with a health functional food called ‘Healthy Balance’; it is a protein shake that contains 9 kinds of essential amino acids and is a good alternative for a meal as it supplies protein, minerals, vitamin and lactobacillus. “If the existing diets caused overeating soon after the programs, the 35% of whey protein, which has the highest absorbing power, in Healthy Balance improves liver functions, prevents the loss of collagen and makes healthy detox diet easy and effective.” Other notable products are Dream Fiber, literally rich in fiber, which goes well with Dream Tea while S-Bean, made of green beans, green tea extract, pineapple vinegar and barley powders, also goes well alongside. “Not every health function food is expensive like many people assume but the innovative products of MPWIZ are effective yet rationally priced for everybody.” 

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