Villages that bloom flower of hope for the people

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▲ Artist Huh Hae-young

<Dreaming Village>
Houses and flowers are common themes of artist Huh Hae-young. She believes they have certain energy and she expresses this energy in her freedom of using colors she chooses. She doesn't fill the canvas with colors, however, in order to make space for applying 'layered method' that thickens the texture of the colors; and she finds the point of contact between the colors at this application. This might be the reason that her works seem to ignore perspective but is rather similar to surrealism. And this should be interpreted as her effort in overcoming the reality since it is symbolizing the equality, freedom and dream of the socially vulnerable. <Dreaming Reality> and <Dreaming Village> are two good examples of representing this peace through flower, lake, rainbow and the moon; she suggests to the vulnerable to walk the painful, lonely and conflicting path of our life together. A big vase often appears in her works also symbolizes a bowl where we put our dreams in it alongside happiness and peace. 

Overcoming harsh reality and pain
Huh lived here and there following her father who worked as a KAIST researcher in Mungyeong City and once in Masan, Changwon City, at her grandmother's. The itinerant life resulted in her with loneliness and hurt. Drawing was her only solace and she indeed proved her talent by winning a number of prizes. She majored in humanities at university and social welfare at a graduate school. She strolled alleys of redevelopment zones and shot photos for a year for painting and held a special exhibition of the lives of the people in the zones at a church she regularly went in 2000. "I then heard the news of the terrible collision between the residents in the Yongsan District redevelopment area and the authority of the state. So, I decided to build houses of mind for them. I drew many a house in a group as a village to show that they are not alone but many and one. I also put a flower vase in it as the symbol of my support for them." 

▲ ‘봄 오는 마을’ , 90.9X72.7cm oil on canvas, 2018.

Hope and dream to be continued!
She continued her work on the <Dreaming Village> series with message that the state power must not threaten the freedom of the individuals and group selfishness also must not intrude the peace of the individuals. With this series, Huh held a solo exhibition 'Dreaming Village' last February. "Conflicts, pain and lack of something always live alongside in our life. Life I think is a continuous roll of the moments and it is not hard for us to overcome this life's harshness if we can see flowers and stars in the night sky every now and then. So, I'm determined to keep carrying on this <Dreaming Village> series." 

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